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Father Joseph Klee sends this report from Columbus.

God bless your promotion of this most significant and noble effort! With the current evil HHS Mandate situation, the public needs more than ever before to understand what is wrong with the pill!

Despite the hectic schedules of so many, on this past first Saturday of June (6/2/12), we had a hardy little band of "protesters" who "demonstrated" outside of and near the Planned Parenthood clinic on the Ohio State University campus. A big part of this clinic’s "business" is the distribution of the pill.

Among our group were several wonderful people including a very good, holy, and knowledgeable Catholic pediatrician; a zealously pro-life recent college graduate; and a Catholic priest. We were blessed with wonderful weather, and hence were able to present the "Pill Kills" message to many pedestrians and motorists. We spent some time down on that street's sidewalk as well and stirred up quite a bit of interest and controversy.

One young woman in our group (the recent graduate of the university mentioned above), noted a curious phenomenon. Where she was regularly shunned by other young women as she offered pamphlets and information, it was the young men who were far more inclined to take her materials!!

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Pharmacists For Life International (PFLI) teamed up with STOPP of Dallas to protest the pill on June 2. PFLI sends this report.

One block south of the busy Dallas intersection of Greenville Avenue and Northwest Highway, Planned Parenthood proudly operates a clinic where preborn children are surgically assassinated on a daily basis.

On the morning of Saturday, June 2, 2012, 20 pro-life advocates assembled on the sidewalk here to alert the public that birth control pills can also be fatal to the preborn and harmful, or even deadly, to the women who use them.

The demonstrators were a very diverse group and included the young and old,

veteran sidewalk counselors, and members of STOPP and other local associations.

Also present was Andrew Eells, RPh, Texas Coordinator for Pharmacists For Life International. The Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy were prayed in English and Spanish. Many people accepted literature and gladly spoke with the counselors. May God bring fruit from the seeds that were planted.

PFLI is the only professional pharmacy association that is exclusively and totally for the protection of the innocent preborn—regardless of biological stage or locale of residence, including the womb. PFLI has been a cosponsor of the “Pill Kills” day in early June for several years with American Life League.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (Louantha Kerr)

The PP clients and people driving by couldn't miss us in our bright green t-shirts holding our bright green signs!!! We were at Planned Parenthood from 10AM to Noon - prayed the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.

We had a special blessing. A young man, graduate student at Regent and new to the area, "just happened" to come out to PP for the first time at the same time we started our rally. He is very pro-life. Have you heard of Crossroads Pro-Life? He did the San Francisco to DC walk last summer, WOW!!! It's always awesome to meet people committed to life.

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This prayer vigil was held by the mall that houses Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin Rapids, WI on June 4. It was organized by the Servants of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Pro-Life Wisconsin Portage County. Our two groups are sponsoring another vigil June 6 in Stevens Point, WI.

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