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Summary ’09
The Pill Kills Women (continued)

Here are some comments from participants:

In Stevens Point, 52 people, including many families, gathered on Wednesday June 10, outside of the "Family Planning Health Services Building" to proclaim "the Pill Kills."... During the course of this event some passersby stopped to talk with the prayerful demonstrators. This included a young lady who identified herself as post-abortive and then talked a long time with different pro-lifers, receiving resources and contacts for post-abortion healing. –Stevens Point, WI
We had a small but enthusiastic number of people participate in the protest, many wearing their T-shirts, as I recommended, and holding the signs. I would say we had about 35 people altogether, but attracted a great deal of attention nevertheless. Several people came up to ask what the protest was about and we gave out information about the health risks of the birth control pill for women... Thank you again for sponsoring this protest and for providing the resources to make it successful for us who organized and participated. God is working mightily through American Life League. I know next year will be even better. –Charleston, SC

We have even heard from a group in the state of New York that plans to educate women throughout the year on the deadly effects of birth control pills by having a presence outside of pharmacies and Planned Parenthood facilities.

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