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Promote the Day

  • Organize a local event. National victory begins at the local level. Planned Parenthood, local pharmacies, and other contraception distribution points and manufacturers are excellent venues for your event. Stand on sidewalks or other public right-of-ways. Make yours a peaceful, prayerful presence. You can hold signs about contraception and our Pill Kills signs, if you wish. Be sure you comply with all local laws.
  • We have designed a flyer for your use in promoting your local event. Download it free of charge, advertise your local protest in your church bulletin or in newsletters, or simply distribute copies around town!

  • Order signs and download literature. The Pill Kills signs and stickers organizing packet is yours for a limited time, while supplies last, for only $14.95, including shipping and handling. It is available only by phone. Call the resources department at 540-659-4171 to order. You can also find literature, including free downloadable handouts and talking points to give to passersby, here!
  • Like The Pill Kills Facebook page to keep up-to-date with all of the latest news.
  • Tweet and use the #ThePillKills hash tag on your social media posts and comments leading up to and especially on June 6.
  • Write and Post. A deluge of national articles touting the pill will appear in newspapers and online as June 6 approaches. Please write articles and letters to the editor telling the truth about contraception, and submit to your local newspapers and other outlets for publication. We will be issuing press releases that can be sent to local media as June 6 approaches. There are many links and citations on this website to give you ideas for articles. Another great idea starter is our flyer “Could your birth control kill or disable you?” It contains links to recent headlines and studies exposing problems with the pill and other contraceptives.
  • SHARE this information with all of your contacts!

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WHAT:THE PILL KILLS 2015 National Day of Action
WHEN:June 6, 2015
Organize an event outside your nearest Planned Parenthood or similar abortion/contraception business or a pharmacy.
WHY:To decry the U.S. Supreme Court’s devastating Griswold v. Connecticut decision of June 6, 1965. In that case, instigated by Planned Parenthood, the court alleged that it found a right to privacy in sexual matters in the “penumbras,” or shadows of the Bill of Rights. The court invoked the same nonexistent right to privacy when it later decriminalized abortion and sodomy.