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We continue to hear about the dangerous effects the birth control pill has on our environment. Study after study has shown how the chemicals from the pill discharge into our waterways and wreak havoc on the fish.

Is our fresh water really fresh?

According to Conrad Volz, co-director of exposure assessment at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute's Center for Environmental Oncology, 'We need to pay attention to chemicals that are estrogenic in nature, because they find their way back into the water we all use.'1 In fact, according to the study conducted in Pennsylvania in 2007, Volz and his team discovered that the fish caught inside the water they were testing may be carrying enough chemicals that mimic the female hormone estrogen to cause breast cancer cells to grow.2 Why should you be concerned? Think about the water you drink. Think about the fish you eat. Could your own drinking water be infested with high levels of estrogen? Studies have shown that the male fish swimming in estrogen-rich waters are becoming feminized. What kind of effects would take place if we drink water containing high levels of estrogen and eat these contaminated fish?

Scientists in the United Kingdom blame the pill

A five-year study done by the Environment Agency in the United Kingdom suggests that half of the male fish in lowland English rivers are "developing female characteristics because of pollution." As the BBC reported, "Scientists blame the pollution on a 'potent' form of oestrogen found in urine from women using the contraceptive pill, which may be flushed through sewage works and into rivers."3 In 2002, the United Kingdom declared hormonal birth control a type of pollution.4